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Strengthen your inner belief so you can live large.

Empower yourself to step up and be in actionability.

You’re here because you have already done some pretty amazing things.

Implemented ideas, instigated programs, headed up projects and teams.

But there’s this niggling idea that you want to do more. Maybe actualize your one-of-a-kind, game-changing, difference-making idea. Or intentionally step up into a new level of influence. This excites you, yet at the same time, you’re thinking, ‘Can I do this?’

Does it feel like your belief that you can do this is paper-thin, and it doesn’t take much to tear it apart?

Or your belief is solid, but it waxes and wanes depending on your sleep last night, a comment you overheard, or the time of the month.

And sometimes your belief is strong, but you’re stuck in the whirlwind of overwhelm, pulled in all directions.

If you agree with any of the above, then I’m so glad you are here.

You have heard yourself described as motivated, creative, impactful, influential, purpose-driven. Yet as you begin to take on new levels of influence and impact, a small voice of self-doubt has started to speak into your core.

You know in your heart of hearts, you are capable of so much more.

You are ready to let your dream be bigger than your fear. You are prepared to step up into living an empowered, heart-centred life through actionability. And, if you don’t shift the way you are thinking, being and doing, you know you will plateau, stagnate and get overwhelmed.

In fact, you are probably really good at hiding these struggles.

Wherever you are currently, let’s get you to own your enough-ness so you can play full out and take a seat at the table.


“We all have greatness within ourselves, but Dawn has a way of bringing it out.”

Romey Del Fiugo

BMO Wealth Management

“Dawn’s ability to utilize probing questions allowed me to discover the answers on my own… truly life-changing with long lasting positive effects.”

Stephanie Jones


“Hire Dawn. She will help you uncover things you didn’t know were stopping you and help you move past them!”

Private client

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