Unbreakable You


Navigating An Uncertain World

“Mental health is becoming the next frontier of diversity and inclusion, and employees want their companies to address it.” (Harvard Business Review, 2019) If you haven’t already, now is a perfect time to put some programs in place to help your team:

Strengthening Self-Efficacy

Put simply, self-efficacy is our belief in how well we can handle a given task or achieve a given outcome. While people have varying degrees of self-efficacy, we can see that the pandemic is putting everyone’s self-efficacy to the test.

  • Discover ways they already embody self-efficacy
  • Discover the concept of actionability and connect this concept to oneself as an agent of forward movement
  • Learn to reframe obstacles and set doable goals
  • Price per group – max 20 participants


Boosting Resilience

When a windstorm hits, bamboo, with its strong root system and flexible nature, will bend and sway — and it’ll spring back up after the storm moves on. This is what we call resilience.

  • Where they have demonstrated resilience in their lives before
  • Elements of a resilient mindset
  • Techniques for practicing and improving resilience in all parts of life
  • Price per group – max 20 participants


Cultivating a Growth Mindset

A fixed mindset leads a person to give up when things become difficult. A growth mindset helps a person look for possibilities and embrace the learning that comes from new challenges.

  • The brain’s ability to rewire ingrained, unhelpful patterns (neuroplasticity)
  • Ways to reframe a situation to take a more constructive perspective
  • Powerful techniques to practice a growth mindset in work and home life
  • Price per group – max 20 participants


Unbreakable bundle

The Unbreakable Bundle gives you in-depth learning from all three workshops plus five 60-minute coaching sessions with Dawn to share among your team as you see fit. In the workshops, learn how resilience, a growth mindset and self-efficacy all work together to position you for unbreakable strength in a fast-changing world. Tie it all together with our one-to-one coaching — a safe place to deepen and process what you’ve learned, and to integrate these tools into your work and life.

This is a must-do, as you can learn a lot about work and personal interrelationships. — software engineer, Silicon Valley

This presentation is a good way to see how one could obtain a more forward-thinking mindset when faced with adversity. — developer, FICO

Love the intentionality of the facilitation. Dawn and Alex are a great team. — beta group participant

Format for Learning

Whether it’s a full workshop or a lunch-and-learn, Unbreakable You programs engage the following elements:
  • Exploratory exercises around your relationship with the workshop topic
  • Small-group collaboration
  • Workshop-specific activities
  • Application and actionable items for your current challenges
  • Expertly facilitated online format for leaders and employees who are working remotely

Your Facilitators

Dawn Large

ICF certified
Enneagram-certified coach
Self-efficacy Project
Dawn’s coaching practice grew out of her explorations and research into self-efficacy, and her early work with high-performance athletes, where she discovered her gift in pushing people to reach for their limits. Her current coaching practice ranges from executives to creatives. Dawn works with people who are stepping into a new level of responsibility, performance and/or change requiring a new level of growth. Her coaching is about internal change management.

Dawn’s positive, calm style helps clients feel energized, empowered and able to become the very best version of themselves. She helps clients activate possibilities.

The result? Strong self-leaders.

Alex Van Tol

Bestselling author & mental health speaker
BEd, licensed K-12 educator
Wellbeing Educator
With a teaching background and 14 published books, Alex Van Tol speaks about a variety of topics, including anxiety and mental health. Her gift and passion is guiding people in recognizing the power they have to shape their own experience of life. The net result is better mental health.

As a writer, Alex works with organizations to guide branding and strategic development, including vision, mission, values and purpose, and she helps communicate those to their respective audiences through story. She holds a BSc in Psychology and a BEd. Alex writes for Canadian Business, Douglas and Report on Business.