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I help passionate people step up to what they are called to do.

In quiet moments do you sometimes think…

I am capable of so much more… What if I lived from that greater place?

If everything were stripped away, would I know ‘I am enough’?

Do I really believe I can achieve my dream?


You are not alone in these thoughts

I know what it feels like:

To be overwhelmed and frozen, instead of being in action.

To be hampered by internal resistance as I step outside my comfort zone.

To lean into my talents and follow my passions.

Earlier in my life, one of my passions I followed was the desire to work with elite athletes, the world’s best. My job was to take them to their physiological limit, pushing them to the limits of their capabilities. Then their results were processed and their training programs were fine-tuned for optimal performance. While working with these world-class athletes, I experienced firsthand their focus and dedication directed to an Olympic gold or Stanley Cup. 

After shifting my focus to part time contract work and raising a family, I fell into what I call “slack tide”, not moving forward or back. I hit a plateau of overwhelm, internal resistance and low self-efficacy. I kept asking, what next? What if I left my ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ behind? What if nothing stood in my way? 

Well, I decided to let nothing stand in my way. Today, I coach incredible people, who use their talents to live an exuberant life, directing their energies wisely to serve others with focus, compassion and conviction. Today, my passion for coaching and life continues to be bigger than my fears. Why? Because I choose to live in the arena, not in the stands, face the hurdles straight on and live an intentional life.

“Vision without action is a dream, action without vision just passes the time, vision WITH action can change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela –

Dawn is an accredited enneagram coach. The enneagram is a dynamic geometric figure with nine archetypal personality types and their dynamic interactions.

Dawn earned her BSc of Human Performance from the University of Victoria and for a time coordinated the Elite Athlete Testing Centre.

nternationally recognized and regarded, Dawn has an accreditation with the International Coaching Federation, an organization for trained professional coaches.
Dawn’s coaching certification from Erickson International centred around solution-focused, client-centred and action-orientated coaching.