Why appreciate a lull? I have to say, that when it has been super busy and then a lull, I relish it. It is like the quiet after a storm. The quiet seems magnified. There is an appreciation for the ‘regular’. It’s like we get to start again, with heightened senses of the everydayness of life. We lost sight in the hurry and flurry of getting ready for the season. Now in a lull, we appreciate it.

I have been thinking. What SMALL change can I do that will affect a BIG change in all areas of my life this year?

I just read a story of a talented artist, who decided his small change, was to tidy up every morning as his coffee was being made. That’s it, a 10-minute change. Small change. Big effect. His apartment went from being a state of chaos to one of peace and serenity. His friends’ thought he had been for counseling… hired a professional organizer… had a full-time housekeeper… None of the above! Instead, one small change had a profound effect in ALL areas of his life.

Some questions to ask:

  • What area of my life will it be in? (physical, emotional, family/friends, spiritual, work… )
  • How small and simple can I make this change?
  • What will be the effect in the other areas of my life?
  • Why am I choosing this change?

Appreciate the ‘regular-ness’ of life

In a post-holiday lull, so about to make some coffee!

Photo credit to Alberto Restifo. Thanks for sharing your incredible photos!!!