I am grateful I have a choice.
Sometimes I would rather not have the responsibility of choice.
When that happens, I am choosing to be a victim.
I choose to take responsibility for my choices. Sometimes that is easy, sometimes that is hard.

We choose what we wear.
We choose who we invite over to our home.
We choose that we don’t want to invite anyone over.
We choose the thoughts we are going to dwell on.
We choose whether we are going to stand tall or not.
We choose our attitude about our work.
We choose to be accepting or not.
We choose to be judgmental or not.
We choose…

Let us all choose to be GRATEFUL, THANKFUL.
Let us choose to live in GRATITUDE, GRATUS (Latin), MEMOR (Latin).
As we go into American Thanksgiving tomorrow
Let us be reminded to fill each day with gratitude, no matter what the circumstance we are in.
Let us choose to live out the Latin word MEMOR.
Let us choose to live today as mindful, remembering, grateful, thoughtful, prudent.

Enjoy Louie Schwartzberg lens on Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.
Be astounded by the beauty around us.
Choose to be grateful today, for it is the only day you have.